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    At the moment, there is a large selection of drugs on the market for improving potency, one of them is Lovegra by Ajanta Pharma.

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    About the drug Lovegra.

    What is Lovegra?

    The preparation Lovegra will help every woman to make her intimate life full and high-quality. Many representatives of the weaker sex complain to sex therapists that they have ceased to experience orgasms and arousal. Doctors prescribe a whole course of treatment, but at moments of sexual intimacy, you can successfully take the drug and not deny yourself the pleasure. To meet the sexual needs of this category of women, it is necessary to use a drug called Lovegra. It is an analogue of the well-known Viagra, intended for the female audience. The active ingredient Sildenafil is present in the medicinal product, which plays an important role in the process of the initiation of the female sexual reaction.

    Lovegra Ajanta

    How Lovegra Works?

    Lovegra usage is needed about thirty minutes before the beginning of intimacy. One pill is washed down with enough drinking water, and the active substance, sildenafil, triggers a chain of biochemical transformations. As a result, nitric oxide accumulates in the pelvic organs and vagina, muscle tissues relax, and do not interfere with increased blood flow. The woman begins to be excited. Sexual intercourse passes without pain and ends with orgasm. Due to increased blood flow to the vaginal area, a woman will be able to completely relax and improve the sensitivity of intimate zones. But, in order to achieve maximum effect, the basic requirement - the presence of sexual attraction to the partner - must be fulfilled.

    When Lovegra Used?

    Women Viagra Lovegra acts gently on the woman's body. It is enough to take only one pill forty minutes before the alleged sexual intercourse. One tablet contains Sildenafil. The effect of the drug lasts up to five hours. Lovegra improves blood flow, stimulates excitation, increases sensitivity many times, helps to get an orgasm. The main thing is that the drug does not cause addiction. Lovegra is contraindicated for children and adolescents under 18 years of age.

    Lovegra vs Viagra

    Lovegra is a medicinal product manufactured under the international non-proprietary name or under the changed patented name of the brand drug. Why is Lovegra cheaper than branded Viagra? The difference between Lovegra and its brand analog is exceptionally in price. At the same time, the price does not affect the quality of raw materials and final product, because the generic Lovegra is tested for compliance with the same standards as the expensive drug.

    Lovegra Reviews

    Read the feedbacks of the customers which purchased Lovegra pills.

    The quality of the drug corresponds to the price. It is acceptable for patients of a younger age, as a psychological comfort when having it in your pocket during intercourse. Side effects are not desirable for the elderly.

    The drug is preferred by the ratio of price and quality. The number of side effects and their diversity does not exceed that of analogues. I recommend it as a supportive therapy for weak sexual life.

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